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alt=iyengar yoga founder bks iyengarIyengar Yoga is named after B.K.S. Iyengar (1918 to 2014) one of the world’s most respected yoga teachers. Born in 1918 he studied and practised Yoga continually for more than 70 years. He began to teach yoga in the West in the 1950s and in 1975 he opened the Ramamani Memorial Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India. He continued to practise, teach and write about yoga until his death, age 95,  in 2014.

B.K.S. Iyengar evolved precise posture (asana) and breathing (pranayama) techniques with a firm philosophical base in the Yoga Sutras (teachings) of the Hindu sage Patanjali which date back more than 2000 years. The system of teaching is methodical and progressive, emphasising detailed correctness and absolute safety. When necessary props are  used to allow you to practise safely, at your own pace, to suit your body.

If you are a beginner you will work on simple postures according to your capacity. As you develop you will move on to more refined ways of working as well as to more complex postures. As you progress you may hold certain asanas for some time, this allows the body to settle and the pattern of the breathing to become established. The mind quietens and subtle observations can be made. Iyengar Yoga promotes integration of body, mind and spirit. It places special emphasis on developing strength, stamina, balance and correct body alignment. As practice continues, your ability to relax and concentrate improves and inner awareness is enhanced.  Iyengar Yoga is meditation in action, the mind becomes focused on the actions of the posture and the movement of breath. As the mind unites with the body and breath, students move into a meditative state.

Traditionally each class begins with the  invocation to Patanjali. Click here to listen to Mr Iyengar chanting the invocation.


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This is the Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark. It is a registered trade-mark which can only be used by certified Iyengar teachers. Iyengar yoga teachers have all been trained to a very high standard and are listed on the official Iyengar yoga website