Yoga Equipment

Equipment (or props) are often used in Iyengar yoga. These help you to stretch, balance, relax, and improve your body alignment. Props help you experience various yoga poses more profoundly and safely and include:mat

  • yoga mats to prevent hands and feet from slipping
  • blankets which provide padding and support
  • yoga belts to help you stretch further and prevent muscle and joint strain
  • blocks and bricks for supporting the body.

Once you become serious about yoga, and particularly once you start doing shoulder stand, you will need some of your own equipment. I can supply the following:

blocksWarrior yoga mats, £17.50
organic cotton yoga belts £9.50
EVA blocks, £6.00
EVA bricks, £7.00
Other equipment is available too.




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This is the Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark. It is a registered trade-mark which can only be used by certified Iyengar teachers. Iyengar yoga teachers have all been trained to a very high standard and are listed on the official Iyengar yoga website