What is yoga?

ohmYou may be asking “Is yoga for me?” The answer is a definite “Yes!”

Yoga is for everyone. Whatever your age, and whatever physical limitations you may have, you can benefit from practising yoga.

As B.K.S. Iyengar said, “the great advantage of yoga is that it can be practised by anyone, irrespective of age, sex and physical condition”.

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. It is a derivation of the word yuj, which means yoking, this is often interpreted as meaning union, uniting the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is an ancient system of personal development which leads to a sense of physical and emotional well being.

Yoga relaxes and energizes the body and mind and brings energy, flexibility, strength, concentration, self-confidence and mental calm. It seeks to promote health and well-being, improving respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems.

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